Save Your Wedding Money, Buy Stuff

We’re all about small weddings here, so we were shocked to see that the average price of a wedding according to The Knot is $35,329. The Washington Post has a super-fun article on what you might want to spend your money on instead, including 4 fifty-yard-line tickets to the Superbowl and 82,000 meals for the homeless. Also:

Food truck: $34,000

This food truck is for sale for $34,000 on Washington area Craigslist. (Craiglist)
Some couples rent food trucks as a low-cost catering option at their weddings. However, an entrepreneurial couple could buy their own food truck for the price of a wedding. This Craigslist posting in the D.C. area for a food truck with a 14-foot kitchen includes a griddle, deep fryer, stove, salad bar unit, freezer and more. Parking permits and taco shells sold separately.

Model 3 Tesla: $35,000

The Model 3 Tesla is billed as the “Tesla for the masses.” (Tesla)
Let’s say you’re in the market for a less-clunky vehicle than a food truck. There’s the “Tesla for the masses,” available at just $35,000 (compared to their other models, which range from $68,000 to $140,000). After the electric-vehicle tax credit, you’ll have $7,000 or so left over to fund your honeymoon.

I’d like to say I’d use it for the homeless, but if I’m being honest, I’d go with the Tesla.