Magalie and Mike elope on the beach

Over  at the Postcards and Pretties blog we find a couple doing it right. Intimidated by the byzantine rules that govern weddings on the Empire State Building, this couple went to a California beach instead and planned small wedding in just eight days:

“It was February 16th when we learned the Empire State Building Observatory only holds weddings for 14 couples once annually on the 14th of February. There went the only site in NYC we could picture ourselves getting hitched. Onward to Plan B…

For Christmas he had surprised me with a mid-winter escape to Casa Laguna in Laguna Beach and we were scheduled to fly out the following week on the February 24th. In eight days I found a stunningly sweet site overlooking the ocean, an Officiant, a driver, the best Laguna Beach florist ever and my wardrobe.  Did I mention I also designed my own ring? It’s astounding what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.

For me, eloping was a no-brainer because it meant no worries about the guest list or the bouquet toss or anything other than the two of us. For him, the instant gratification and adventure of it all was impossible to resist. At the heart of the decision was a focus on the life journey we’re beginning together.”