We totally get it. There are about a million reasons that small weddings or elopements are better.

elope on the moonDo you have any idea how much a wedding costs? A lot. Do you know how stressful it is to plan? Very. Starting out your new life as an angry couple in debt is a staggeringly bad decision.

Eloping is cheaper, easier, and you don’t have to play politics with your friends and family about who is and isn’t a bridesmaid, and what table people are seated at. With the money you save, you can even get married at an exciting destination like Napa Valley, Paris, or the Moon.

Your closest friends and family can still come,¬†or not. It’s totally up to you!

You can wear whatever you want, do whatever you want with your vows, and actually spend your wedding day together doing nice things.

Small Wedding Style is all about inspiration for your elopement. Tips, tricks, locations, fun videos, anything we can do
that steers you away from the dreaded Big Fat Wedding.

You still might want to throw a little party once you get back from the Moon.